F e r n a n d a N u n e z / F l o t s a m S t u d i o

Amnestic Migration


Wood, paraffin wax, water, silk floss tree ash. Text and contours of displaced indigenous  territories in the northern part of the South American continent throughout the 1900-2000 period were printed on the water surface and stenciled with ash around the gallery and its surroundings throughout the duration of the show.

About the materials:  

The silk floss tree or Ceiba Especiosa has been considered sacred by a myriad of cultures. Given its big spreading branches and roots that dig deep and wide in the ground, these trees have long represented a conduit between the underworld and the heavens. Considered the symbolic axis of the world, the Ceiba gives a glimpse at much of South and Central American indigenous cosmology, to which a link between the sacred and the mortal worlds is essential.

The indigenous territories’ information used for this project come primarily from groups of indigenous populations in what is now Colombian territory without defined legal territories and long withstanding legal battles for recognition. The primary causes of displacement are violent conflict, extortion, mining, logging and economic depression.