F e r n a n d a N u n e z / F l o t s a m S t u d i o

Maria Fernanda Nuñez is a Colombian artist based in the United States. Nunez’s media include fibers, drawing and sculpture. Nunez has received support through various awards and fellowships including the Windgate Craft Fellowship at the Vermont Studio Center, the Bex Frankel Fellowship from the Oregon Institute for Creative Research, the Penland Core Fellowship at the Penland School of Crafts and the North Carolina Arts Council Artist Support Grant. She has performed and exhibited work at ADX Annex Gallery, Artist’s Television Access, Screaming Sky Gallery, SOMArts, Vermont Studio Center, Penland Gallery, Toe River Arts Gallery, and Queens University among others.

Nunez’s current body of work Synonyms for Solid, using paper casting as its medium, focuses on the transformation of materials typically familiar, both visually and sensorially, to the viewer, and which are often seen as soft, non durable or perishable, into sculptural forms. These forms emulate and echo frames, edifices, and architectural structures, yet aim for precarity and looseness with their form and surface. Using materials like corn or cotton, which have significant historical resonance, in a way that changes them beyond recognition, this work, going beyond the sense of strangeness and unfamiliarity, is interested in rejecting the foreclosure of possible ways in which worlds might be built. Instead, it pursues a world making exercise by authorizing any material to act as a valid standard through which to perceive the subtleties of daily experience and at the same time searches to activate an imagination that prioritizes the hybrid, the dysfunctional and the useless.