F e r n a n d a N u n e z / F l o t s a m S t u d i o

My practice/this body/my body

        attempts, as in, is in desperate pursuit, of

        understanding individual materials=ingredients’ capacity for world making, and how, when transformed through simple processes, they         may (in an of themselves) become the access point for complex critical frameworks.

        I’m most compelled by materials that inherently have tied to them sets of relationships, places, feelings, times, and that have, in one way or another, concretely altered the shape of the world we live in. However, beyond an intellectual exercise, I’m captivated by trying to make concrete the evocative power they possess.

                                I continue to believe my practice/my body

                            is driven by hauntings
a haunting:

images, sounds, actions, feelings, thoughts, that appear as remnants, residues, shadows of other times - the sensations that appear in tension with the contemporary.
                these hauntings appear at once becoming and dissipating. This tension is for me the essence of the liminal,

and can help one sense a threshold, a non place, a non object, a hybrid 

                                    the work -

refuses to completely reveal itself, even to its maker, and in this refusal finds the evocative moment, a moment of intimate not knowing/of not being able to drive something to exhaustion.

I/this body

through complex textures and a minimalist (full of restraint) approach to form, look to,

            create objects that perform an act of summoning

                            Summoning, as in,

                                recalling something by its name,

                                                as in, finally orienting oneself towards the original essence of a thing