Maria Fernanda Nuñez Alzate

The Kitchen Enters You. 2022. Edition of 16

The kitchen is for me a bit of a fresh crush I don’t really know much about yet. At least not in the formal sense. We say hi to each other at the coffee shop and I’m crushing. Hard. I think about them day and night. It’s the type of crush that I’ve left simmering. The type of crush that I make playlists in my head for. To put it in the words of Larissa Pham, from her recent essay Crush, “what I’m saying is that I’m in love with the distance between us. I’m not in love with you: I don’t even know you. I’m in love with the escape that fantasizing about you promises. Poisoned, stung, bitten and bridled. The promise of being ground down until I disappear. ” I’m leaning slow not exactly because I lack the certainty or the confidence but because I know how good it will be once I’m done clumsily longing to be closer.  I guess this book could be somewhat of a first move.